Basic information

The (R&B)  Division, Bhadrachalam was formed during the year 1962 and located at near bank of Godavari Bridge Bhadrachalam, this department is responsible to execute different  road and bridge, building   works, as detailed below. Construction and maintenance of Roads, Bridges, Causeways. Construction and maintenance of certain public buildings that belongs to the Government of A.P. The (R&B) Division, Bhadrachalam is headed by Executive Engineer (R&B) with jurisdiction over the entire jurisdiction in administrative matters and technical matters up to certain monitory limits. There are 3 Sub-Division, under the control of Roads and Buildings in (R&B) Division, Bhadrachalam  headed by Executive Engineer and Deputy Executive Engineers, and Assistant Executive Engineers/ Assistant Engineer  respectively covering the entire Sub-Divisions as detailed below:-


(R&B) Sub-Division, Bhadrachalam

(R&B) Sub-Division, Aswapuram

(R&B) Sub-Division, Chintoor