Basic information


The applicant for registration may be given on prescribed form (F1) to the local Gram Panchayat. It should contain the names of those adult members of the household who are willing to do unskilled manual work, and particulars such as age, sex and SC/ST status.

Every registered household will be assigned a unique registration number.

Every adult member whose name appears in the job card shall be entitled to apply for unskilled manual work. If an applicant is not provided employment within 15 days of receipt of his/her application for seeking employment, he/she shall be entitled to a daily unemployment allowance.

As far as possible the applicant shall be provided within the village. If an applicant is provided employment outside a radius of 5 kilometers of the village, he/she should be paid an extra 10% of the prevailing wage rate to meet additional transportation and living expenses.

Priority shall be given to women in such a way that at least one-third of the wage seekers shall be women who have registered and requested for work.

Labour Budget :

Identification of works should be taken-up once in financial year. This should be identified as per the Labour Budget. G.P. wise Labour budget will be prepared as per the job cards registered in the Gram Panchayath.

Identification of WORKS:

Works identified by MGNREGS planning process in village level teams with Technical Assistants, Field Assistants, Mates etc., by taking G.P. as a unit with strictly maintaining 60:40 wage material ratio. All the works should be approved by Grama Sabhas by passing resolutions.

Generation of Estimates & Sanctions:

After approval of Gram Sabhas at G.P. level, the estimates will be generated at MCC by Technical Assistants and Engineering Consultants to meet the labour Demand as per Labour budget at G.P. level. Total works will be forwarded to the District Collector & DPC MGNREGS through the PD, DWMA / PO, ITDAs for according administrative sanctions.

Implementation Execution strategy:

The Programme Officers of MGNREGS will implement the works at Mandal level with MCC staff as Muster entry by Field Assistants & Mates, Measurements by Technical Assistants, Check Measurements by Engineering Consultants. EMMS for measurement and check measurement shall be provided. After check measurements the Muster rolls and MBs will be given to MCC for generating Pay Orders through online Software.

Payments :

All the payments shall be generated (FTOs) at Mandal Computer Centers and payments will be made through smart cards/Post Offices by the Programme Officers of MGNREGS-AP.