1 Andha Pradesh is the first State in the County, to establish an exclusive orgnization. APSHCL, to pesue on the following objectives:
2 To formulte, promote and execute Housing Schemes fo te benefit of people in general and perticularly the Weaker Section of persons living in Rural and Ubn areas and to those who are affected or likely to be natural calamities such as Cyclone and Tidal Wves.
3 To undertake or regulate constuction of houses and creat of cause to be created othe infrastuctural for the said housing scheme.
4 To take up research and development activities in the field of construction and material management and to associate and collaborate with Government, individualss organizations and associations how in the field of building constuction, land development, environmemtal improvement and such other activities as are useful heatly commodities.
5 Mobilizes loans from various Financial instuctions for implimentation of Housing Programme.
6 Plays the role of facilitator in the construction of houses by providing technical and financial assistance.
7 Propagates cost Effective and Eco – friendly constrution (CEEF) materials and technoology in consrution of houses.
8 Impart training for skill upgradation through Nirmithi Kendras.
9 Encourages insitu prodution of alternative constrution material.
10 Recovers loans from beneficiaries in monthly installments by motivation