Basic Information

Ever since the origin of man on earth, the quest for knowledge has been continuing,  however possessing the relevant knowledge is critical for the wholesome development of the mankind. The realm of human development encompasses the potential of the people who are knowledgeable, lead long and healthy life for a decent standard of living. Due to several reasons the human development has been asymmetrical and the most unprivileged and marginalised sections of people are tribal populations, whose accessibility to the present day benefits of technological advancement is still limited.

The level of knowledge is an important poverty indicator and the inability of the tribal children to access and acquire knowledge is the main reason for the backwardness of tribes. Education is the basic necessity for the socio-economic development of any individuals and the society. An ideal and customized education system that suits the special needs of the tribal children and provides an opportunity to pursue the personal aspirations and career goals, is the cornerstone to the progress of tribal communities.