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Rajiv Yuva Kiranalu

Accounting Package

1.Basics of Accounting
2.Journals, Ledgers, Trial Balance
3.Profit and Loss management
4.Point of Sale Invoicing and Budgets
5.Preparation of Payroll functions in Tally
6.Accounting concept of income, expenditure and reciepts
7.Depriciation and provisions and reserves
8.Basics of reconciliation statement
9.Basics of Read, Write English



Inter CEC

Through training centers

APM Jobs

Computer Assistant

1.Documentation, Mail Merge – Word
2.Preparing Reports – Excel
3.Preparing Presentations – Power Point
4.Usage of Internet and E-Mail
5.Typing Skills – 30 WPM
6.Basic Communicative English skills-Reading/Writing
7.Scanning and Printing
8.CD writing and Data Backup
9.How to Operate a Computer
10.Create, Edit, Save, Delete – File or Folder



Computer maintenance & Hardware

1. Familiarity with Personal Computer, Laptop and Embedded Hardware.
2. Assembling Computers and Installing the peripheral devices.
3.Install different software on computers (Operating system, General application software, Device drivers, etc., )
4.Trouble shooting and repair of Computers
5.Removal of dust and debris from Cooling fans, Power Supplies, and Hardware components, tack data backups and etc.,
6. Hard disk partitions, formatting Operating System installation, Mother board, Sockets, Slots identifications.
7.Knowledge about Internet working technologies, Network operating systems, Network server technology, etc.,
8.Various sales techniques
9.Knowledge on Industries and their products, Marketing skills and Communication skills
10. Handle effective sales activity for any telecom organization / corporate sales related organizations.



Debit Recovery

1.Credit cards, Retail Loans, Loan products and enforcement of security norms
2.Documentation and reporting
3.Functions of a DRA
4.Dealing with difficult customers, Repossession of assets ? procedures and norms
5.Rights and Duties of DRA and Code of conduct for DRAs
6.NPAs and bucketing of assets and strategies for debt recovery
7.RBI guidelines and Fair Practice Code for debt recovery and Dos and Donts for debt recovery
8.Computer Knowledge
9.Communicative English
10.Banks and their functions



Multi Skilled Technician

1.Introduction to Basic Electricity and Electronics
2.Safety Practices
3.Hand Tools
4.Use of Electrical Measuring Instruments
5.Trouble Shooting, Service and Maintenance of Electronic Components (Audio systems, T.V., A.C Motor, Starters, etc.)
6.UPS and Inverter Service
7.History and Basics of Electricity
8.Electrical Safety Precautions and Shock Treatment
9.Introduction to Electrical Hand Tools and Power Tools
10.Circuits and Connections
11.Introduction to Electrical Measuring Instruments
12.House Wiring Accessories, Different Types of Wiring Systems and Different Conductors used for House Wiring System
13.Earthing and Its Methods
14.Introduction to Illumination (Lighting Systems)
15.Basic Motor Winding



1.Various sales techniques
2.Knowledge on Industries and their products, Marketing skills and Communication skills
3.Handle effective sales activity for any telecom organization / corporate sales related organizations.
4.Selling skills over phone, talking to a customer with confidence. Negotiating with the customer, greeting customer
5.Tele marketing etiquettes, Handling various customer queries over Telephone and Follow-ups, Sales target setting, Stress management
6.Operate computer, Use MS Office, Use Internet for email.
7.Communicative English – Read , speak and write-Grammar
8.Basic Geometry Points, Lines, Angles,Triangle,Square, Rectangle, Polygon


Hotel Management

1.Front desk operation
2.Food and Beverage service
4.Telephone Etiquette, Communication Skills, Personal Grooming and Personal Hygiene
5.Communicative English – Read, speak, write


Auto Cad

1.Work with various tools provided by AutoCAD
2.Add explanation notes to the designs
3.Import, export and use data in other applications
4.Understand and draft engineering designs under the guidance of engineers, drafters, designers, and technicians
5.Knowledge on MS-Office
6.Create, edit and modify 2D / 3D design objects
7.Managing & Troubleshooting Hardware Devices
8.Integration of Hardware & Software
9.Network Technologies , Network Services


BPO-Voice based

1.Know about the BPO industry and its functionality -Inbound and Outbound
2.Telephone Etiquettes – Handling various customer queries over email and telephone – Dialer and Call monitor
3.Operate computer
4.Use MS Office
5.Use Internet for email, chat, typing skills – 25 wpm etc.
6.Selling skills over phone
7.Communication – Voice modulation ( situtation and Customer)
8.Communictive English – Read , speak , write, Grammar