Achievement (year wise): 2012-13

  • The capacities of members of Self-help groups are improved though regular trainings and awareness campaigns.
  • Under Capacity Building various trainings and workshops have been conducted in 19 TPMU mandals of Bhadrachalam covering SHGs members, leaders and Community Coordinators and other Social capital.
  • The emphasis on regular facilitation of new and the revived SHGs has been increased in the project.  During the period, efforts were made to strengthen SHGs by adopting different strategies viz., conducting member level group trainings in a systematic manner, providing continuous facilitation support to the selected groups by Community Facilitators (CFs) and all groups by Community Activists (CAs), adoption of CRP strategy and regular video conference with the community leaders by the CEO, SERP. The Community Resource Persons strategy has improved the efficiency of CBO leaders and members. The CRPs personal case studies motivated the non-SHG members to join in the groups.  It also motivated existing groups to adopt “SHG Pancha Sutralu” i.e. best practices of SHGs. Exchange of information and ideas in the regular video conference created greater awareness on “SHG Panchasutralu” and a competitive spirit among CBOs. As part of the implementation of CRP strategy, the VO OB & Functional committee members are taking the responsibility of implementation follow-up action plan given by CRPs after completion of their work and it has enhanced the Community ownership on the programme. The local staff and CBO leaders are actively participating in new group formation, revival of defunct groups and strengthening the existing groups.