Existing Schemes & Programs

Department Name of the Scheme/Programme Description Eligibility How to apply Sanctioning authority
Sericulture Tasar Sector
Providing Subsidy under TRICOR Action Plan Assistance to tasar farmers for maintenance of existing tasar host plantation towards bush clearance before commencement of tasar rearings. For all ST Tasar rearers Through Unit officer of Sericulture Department/ IKP Commissioner of Sericulture, AP Hyderabad, District Collector, Khammam and Project Officer, ITDA Bhadrachalam
Assistance to Tasar farmers 50% subsidy on DFLs cost As poor land less tribal farmers are not in a position to make payment of cost of DFLs, It is proposed for supply of DFLs on 50% subsidy during 3 crops.
Supply of Chemicals and Disinfectants to Tasar reares For spraying of chemicals and disinfectants to prevent and control the bacterial and viral diseases to tasar silkworms.
Augmentation of tasar host plantation To increase the tasar food plants.  It is proposed to encourage tribal farmers to take up tasar plantation in their lands.  Department will provide assistance of Rs.40,000/- per hectare of raising of tasar food plantation.
Tasar private Grainages To meet the requirement of tasar DFLs (eggs) 11 tribal women are producing and supplying the Tasar DFLs to tasar tribal farmers
Creation of Storage facilities Construction of Market Godown at Chintoor and Venkatapuram for providing storage facilities till the disposal of reeling cocoons of farmers
Tasar Reeling Training to tribal women It is proposed to impart training in Tasar silk reeling to (120) tribal women for consumption of tasar cocoons locally and production of rawsilk at Venkatapuram and Chintoor.
Value addition Rs.300/- for 1000 Nos.of cocoons incentive to tribal women for procurement of tasar cocoons for promotion of tasar silk reeling and local consumption
Mulberry Sector
Catalytic Development Programme (CDP) Supply of Saplings Holding of Minimum 1.00 Acre of agriculture land with irrigation facility. Through Unit officer of Sericulture Department/ IKP AD(S) Bhadrachalam
Construction of Rearing Sheds
Supply of Rearing Equipments
Supply of Disinfectants
Providing Irrigation facilities
Providing incentives to BVH Cocoons
Providing 50% cost of BV DFLs