Acts & Rules

  1.    Seeds act 1966 : Seed act contains 25 sections
    1. Important section of seed act .
    2. Power to specify minimum limits of germination and purity section ‘6’
    3. Regulation of sale of seeds of notified kind and varieties section ‘7’
    4. Appointment of seed inspector section 13
    5. Powers of seed inspector section ‘14’
    6. Procedure to be followed seed inspector ‘15’
    7. Imposition of penalties for contravention of act  section ‘19’
    8. Forfeiture of property section ‘20’
    9. Offences by the company section ‘21’
  2.  Seed rule 1968

1.Marking or labeling rule no. ‘7’

2. Contents of mark or label rule no ‘8’

3. Manner of marking of labeling rule ‘9’

4. Mark or label no to contain false or misleading statement rule no ‘10’

5. Mark or label no to contain reference to the act or rules rule no ’11’

Contradiction to the required particulars

6. Denia of responsibility for mark or label rule no. ‘12’

7. Requirement to be complied with by a person carrying the business rule no. ‘13’

8. Duties of seed inspector rule no ‘23’

9. Action to be taken by the seed inspector when a complaints lodged by a farmer

with him.  Rule no. ‘23/a.


3.  Seed control order 1983.


Salient features of seed control orders 1983

Clause 3 : Persons intending to carry business of selling, exporting or importing seeds

shall obtain seed licenses from the competent authority

Clause 4 : Any person desiring to obtain licenses shall make an application in duplicate in

form A together with a fee rupees Rs. 50/- to the licensing authority.


A.P Cotton seed (Regulation of supply, distribution, sale and fixation of price) Act 2007.

Consequent to reinclusion of cotton seeds in the schedule of essential commodities


Government of Andhra Pradesh Agriculture & Co-operation (FP.II)  Department circular

memo No. 2510/FP.II.1/2010 dt.28.5.2010.

Fertilizer Control Order 1985.


Fertilizer control order 1957 has been repealed by Government of \India and new F.C.O.

1985 was brought into effected.


The following are some important clauses where enforcement authority should be vigilant.


Clause 2 (b) Certificate of source means a certificate given by the state government.


Clause 9. Grant or refusal of certificate of registration

Clause 13. Standards of mixtures of fertilizers

Clause 23. Disposal of Non slandered fertilizers.

Clause 28. Powers of inspector of F.C.O.


Bio fertilizers inclusion under FCO 1985. 


            Government of India amended the fertilizer control order by including bio fertilizers, Organic fertilizers and non edible de oiled cake fertilizer with notification b y the Ministry of Agriculture (Department of Agriculture and Co-operation ) by publishing in the Gazette of India Extraordinary, part II – section 3- Subsection (II) of No. 276, dt. 24.03.2006. As per the amendment, the new products governed under the FCO 1985 are


Bio fertilizers                                                         Organic fertilizers

(Solid & liquid)                                               Press mud is deleted from FCO 1985

  1. Rhizobium                                                 1. Vermicompost
  2. Azotobactor                                              2. City compost
  3. Azospirillum


Insecticide Act 1968.


  1. Salient features of Act 1968.

There are ‘38’ section in insecticide act 1968 important section are briefed hereunder .


Section 3 (k) “ Misbranded” an insecticide should be deemed to be misbranded.


Section 9. Registration of insecticides by Central insecticide board & registration

Committee shall be made under this section.

Section 12 : Licensing officer : The government may by notification in the official

Gazette appoint such persons as it thinks fir to be licensing officer for the

purposes of this Act and define the areas in respect of which they shall

exercise jurisdiction.