A detailed and comprehensive review of the tribal peoples’ problem was taken up on the eve of the Fifth Five Year Plan period. The main objective of ITDA is socio-economic development of tribal communities through income generating schemes allied with Infrastructure Development programmes and protection of the tribal communities against exploitation.

The ITDA project areas are generally contiguous areas of the size of a Tehsil or Block or more in which the ST population is 50%; or more of the total. Due to the demographic profile of the tribal people in these regions. Andhra Pradesh and Orissa have opted for an Agency model under the Registration of Societies Act and the ITDPs there are known as ITD Agencies (ITDAs).


ITDA Profile

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Establishment of ITDA under the Society Registration Act :  1974-75

  • 1st  at Khammam                   1974-75
  • Shifted to  Paloncha              17-12-1979
  • Shifted to  Bhadrachalam     09-02-1993

Tirbal Sub Plan Area MANDALS – 29 (Scheduled Area)

  • Out of (46) Mandals in Khammam District, (29) Mandals fully and (2) Mandals partially covered under TSP area of ITDA Bhadrachalam.
  • Bhadrachalam Division        :   8 Mandals
  • Paloncha Division                 : 10 Mandals
  • Kothagudem Division           : 11 Mandals
  • Partly covered Mandals (Sathupally & Penubally)
  • Total (904) Villages are covered in TSP Area


Modified Area Development Approach MANDALS – 3 (ST Population – 2.45%)


  • Tirumalayapalem, Kusumanchi and Nelakondapally mandals are covered under MADA.
  • (14) Villages from the above (3) mandals.


CLUSTER MANDALS – 2 (ST Population – 0.74%)

  • (5) villages in Two Mandal i.e. Sathupally and Penubally mandals are covered under CLUSTER.


PTG MANDALS (Part of TSP area) (1.4% Population)


  • Kondareddy, the Primitive Tribals living in (66) Villages of (6) mandals known as PTG mandals.


  1. Kunavaram (Bhadrachalam Division)
  2. Chinturu (Bhadrachalam Division)
  3. V.R.Puram (Bhadrachalam Division)
  4. Velairpad (Paloncha Division)
  5. Aswaraopeta (Paloncha Division)
  6. Dammapeta (Paloncha Division)




  • Out side the TSP Mandals in the District are known as DTG Mandals.
  • All the (17) Mandals of Khammam Division  are covered under DTG.



  • Area of the District                                         : 16,029 Sq.Km.
  • Area of the Tribal Sub-Plan                         : 12,175
  • % to Dist. area                                               :  76 %
  • No of Revenue Divisions in the District    : 4
  • No of Revenue Divisions in TSP Area       : 3




  • Total Tribal Population in the District :   6.83 Lakhs
  • Total Tribal Population in TSP Area    :   5.61 Lakhs


Sub caste wise ST Population in the District   

Lambadas                             :  3.29 Lakhs

Koya                                        :  3.14 Lakhs

Yerukula                                 :  0.20 Lakhs

Kondareddies                       :  0.10 Lakhs

Yanadhi                                  :  0.07 Lakhs

Other unspecified ST’s        :  0.03 Lakhs

            Total                           : 6.83 Lakhs 






Population (In Lakhs)




Geographical Area (In Sq. KMs)






Basic Statistics


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ITDA at a Glance

  ITDA HEAD QUARTERS : Establishment of ITDA under the Society Registration Act :  1974-75                        1st  at Khammam                   1974-75 Shifted to  Paloncha              17-12-1979 Shifted to  Bhadrachalam     09-02-1993   TSP MANDALS – 29 (Tribal Sub-plan Area / Scheduled …

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Organisation Chart

Organisational Hierarchy Organisation Chart LEGEND: MD: Managing Director ENC: Engineer-in-Chief DTRI: Director, Tribal Culutral Research & Training Institute TRIPCO: Tribal Power Company Limited TRIMCO: Tribal Mining Company Limited ITDA: Integrated Tribal Development Association DTWO: District Tribal Welfare Officer ATWO: Assistant Tribal Welfare Officer HM: Head Master HWO: Hostel Welfare Officer RS: Residential Schools EMS: English …

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